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Understanding the Military Spouse Training Program

The ministry of defense has rolled out a training program for training military spouses for purposes of equipping them for portable careers that can directly impact the society. Notwithstanding the careers the spouses are interested in, the program is designed to sponsor the spouses to the level of having them fully certified by the colleges they choose to enroll in for these courses. It should, however, be noted that for one to qualify for this sponsorship they ought to be willing to pursue their courses in colleges that are accredited. Owing to the fact that one has to satisfy a number of conditions for them to qualify for this program, a number of processes must be duly followed and we will go into depths trying to explain to you those processes in this discussion.

To start with, one is required to open an online account for the program in the designated web portal for the program. After creating the account, one is required to provide the necessary information regarding their spouses in the provided online forms. The user supplying the information ought to be careful since any errors in the application could prove detrimental to the chances of one securing the sponsorship. The verification of the supplied information leads one to be granted a chance to open yet another account on the web portal which now serves as the program’s account.

Your training plan is the other important thing that you should have in place before you start the application process for the sponsorship program. The training plan is key owing to the fact that it is the one that supplies important information regarding the course you choose to pursue as well as the college from which you intend to take your course from. Before one can go on with the application process, the plan they submit must be subjected to an approval process. In most of the cases, the results of the approval status should be made available to you in no more than ten days.

As soon as your education plan has been reviewed and approved you are now eligible to request for the funding of your classes. The funding comes in the form of financial assistance (FA) and users can get more information about the process of applying for this funding from the portal. The beneficiaries to the funds are entitled to receiving an amount of up to $4000 which they can use for up to three years in college. One thing one has to note is that their tuition fees are directly remitted to the training college.

There is also another program that is available for the spouses who fail to qualify for the military spouse training program, the counseling program. The main aim of this program is to prepare the military spouses for counseling the community in an effort to impact the society positively.

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