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Power Outages, Standby Generators And Power Surge

Power service interruptions have in the recent past increased as a result of earthquakes or even as a result of other unavoidable issues, as a result smart owners have retorted to buying standby generators to come in handy during this instances. In the past, the ability to have uninterrupted power supply was seen as the privilege for the rich but this is no the case today. Austin just like San Francisco is a country that is prone to having earthquakes and as a result, people are increasingly buying more and more standby generators. Basically people have to look for other things that will meet their needs.

Perhaps it may be a good thing to explain what led to the development of standby generators. A standby generator unit is made up of a generator that has the size of the air conditioner and which is kept outside the house. The generator is most often located by the main electrical panel of your house.Generators are best installed on a cement pad for proper stability. For the generator to be automatic it has to be connected to the main electrical unit by using a transfer switch. Moreover, it is important to understand that the transfer switch is installed in order to act like a traffic cop. To understand how it works, the description below is very important; when electricity is working well the transfer switch routes power into the main electrical area. When the primary power source fails (i.e. PG&E power is no longer available), the transfer switch automatically starts the power generator and routes the emergency power to supply the main electric panel. For the system to be complete, the power transfer has to be automatic. You don’t have to do anything or be around for the emergency system to do its job. Systems can be sized to cover all of your house needs, or just a portion of your electrical requirements.

Where does standby generator power come from? There are some major source of gas and this include natural gas, diesel as well as propane gas. One should however note that ,most of the stand by generators found residential homes use propane gas. Moreover,propane gas is more economical as a tank of propane gas is able to power a good sized house for some few days.

There are those still questioning the wisdom of buying a stand by generator for their home. The reason is this, natural calamities are prone to this area and so it may be a good thing to guard ourselves against any undesirable incidence. apart from earthquakes,storms and fires can cause multi day power outage. Having backup power will allow your house and family to operate normally. Consider no electricity for days on end…its not a pleasant thought. Power loss may cause food to go bad as well as breach of the security of your home which is not a good thing.

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