How Positive Affirmations Change Lives

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Great thinkers have long understood the power of the mind to control human destiny and today the general public is also aware of that fact. In popular culture the idea is often introduced as part of the Law of Attraction, a belief that thoughts are the origins of many negative and positive experiences. It also states that, since positive attracts positive, exchanging limiting beliefs for empowering ones can produce dramatic results. For example, the simple act of repeating positive affirmations, or sentences, can increase health and self confidence as well as smooth the road to prosperity.

Self-Love Affirmations Boost Confidence

Some of the most popular and effective affirmations are designed to help those who are lacking confidence and regularly self sabotage. Teachers, self-help books and even psychologists often assist these people by providing “I am” affirmations. Sentences are customized to fit the situation and anyone can make up their own. For instance, someone who does not feel smart enough to succeed in business might repeat, “I have the intelligence and will to reach my business goals”.

Prosperity Affirmations Remove Roadblocks

Millions also repeat affirmations in order to change negative thinking and ingrained beliefs that prevent them from succeeding financially. That is important, because dominant thoughts dictate decisions, even when those thoughts are subconscious. A person who secretly believes that money is the root of evil is unlikely to attract much cash. However, repeating positive ideas about money will eventually change their core roadblocks and make it easier for them to reach financial goals.

Healing Affirmations Create Well Being

Affirmations can also be very important in creating mental, emotional and physical health. Repeating positive ideas over and over will eventually allow them to sink into the subconscious, where they will be accepted as facts. Healing affirmations make it possible for anyone to access their inner strength and wisdom and conquer challenging situations. An affirmation can be as simple as, “My body (or mind) can naturally heal itself and I am experiencing a healing at this moment”. Generally healing affirmations work best when they are created by their users.

The most effective way for anyone to change their life is to change their thoughts, which millions now do using affirmations. It is as simple as repeating positive ideas which take the place of negative, limiting beliefs. Over time the positive, empowering thoughts cause changes that result in improved circumstances.