Organizing A Small Public Venue

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If a small carnival will be set up on a tract of land that is located on the outskirts of town, the people who run the operation may be concerned about keeping track of their employees and the people who enter and exit the fair. The following tips will assist with orchestrating an event that is organized.

Identification Cards

If employees display an identification card while walking around a carnival, people who are visiting will be aware of who they can notify if they have a question or concern. Identification cards that are laminated will be weather resistant. An individual’s picture and basic details can be printed on a card before it is sealed. If people are responsible for carrying large amounts of equipment and are concerned about losing an identification card because they won’t be able to hold onto one, a lanyard can be used to secure a card. A lanyard can be stored inside of a person’s pocket or worn around a worker’s neck.

Wristbands That Are Color-Coded

As people approach a carnival’s gates, a clerk can collect admission fees before handing clients wristbands that are color-coded. People who have paid to ride on an unlimited number of rides can be given a wristband that is one color and people who have paid for a standard admission that does not include rides can be given a wristband that is another color. As customers line up to get on a ride, the person who is operating a ride can visually inspect each wristband to ensure that individuals have paid the proper rate.

Customized Shirts

If security guards have been hired to walk around the property that a carnival is located on, each event security member can wear a customized shirt that has their name stitched across the front pocket. The name of a security company that a person is employed by can be screen-printed on the back of fabric. Customized shirts that have a carnival’s name printed on them can also be sold to customers who visit a public venue. Decals or embroidery can be added to fabric and will enhance the color of material that shirts are constructed of.