Wall Murals Can Be A Decorating Tool

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When it is time to redecorate that living room, entertainment room, or child’s bedroom, Wall murals can add character and mood to any room. Yes, wall murals are back as decorating tools. New computerized printing systems and great digital cameras have revolutionized the mural industry. Instead of dozens of designs to choose from, consumers now have millions of photos and designs to choose from. The new murals are easier to install and have a better sizing strategy.

The Perfect New Family Room

When it is time to redo the family room or the entertainment room, or the home theater, homeowners can add pizazz with a carefully chosen wall mural. Once the old decor is removed and the walls are repaired and primed or painted, one wall can be chosen as a focal point. The family can go online to sites like WallpaperInk and choose a category of images they would like. Then they browse through them for the perfect image. If that category does not work, merely go to the next and the next until the perfect image is agreed upon.

No worry about finding the correct size mural. Companies such as WallpaperInk print the chosen mural custom size to fit the chosen wall. Then, it is cut into easy to handle drops or sections. The family can choose the grade of the substrate it will be printed on. They can choose standard paper, prepasted paper, premium, or PVC based. The mural is shipped in a special box with paste, pencil, snap off blade knife, and instructions and video for fitting and installing the mural.

Designs can range from sports team motifs to forest or beach scenes. City scenes, movie stills, or Disney designs are all choices. With millions of images to choose from a family can find the perfect thing. When the box arrives they can watch the installation video together and make hanging the mural a family project.

A Child’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom may be the perfect place to add a mural. Make that room be a fairy wonderland for a little child or a Disney inspired adventure scene for a growing child. This is a place where the child should be allowed to choose the mural with some guidance. The beauty of murals as bedroom decor is that there is a door. Also, as a child grows the mural can change. For more information, visit the website.