Will Security Screens Make Homes Safer?

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For some people, security requires more than a burglar alarm or electronic security system. They want to keep thieves out of their buildings, not just photograph them as they steal things. So, installing security screens may be an answer for them. These screens are not as obvious as the old wrought iron bars on windows. They allow windows to be opened and increase window efficiency. Windows with these screens deter high impact damage, cutting, prying, and other tampering.

Commercial Use

These security screens are perfect for commercial use because they are customizable to fit any size or shape glass area. In addition to limiting theft, these special screens can be used for blast mitigation, security, hurricane, and storm damage protection. Because they are a mesh, they can be seen through like other types of screens. But they are heavier gauge metal of stainless steel or aluminum. They can be purchased in colors such as black, white, charcoal, bronze, and custom colors.

Residential Use

Residences can get this type of screen for doors, fixed windows, EZ open egress windows, patio doors or enclosures, fencing, and vinyl-lock window systems. When properly used these screens can reduce the risk of burglary by up to 85%. This is because they make getting into the home so much harder for thieves. Companies such as Tapco manufacture this type of screening with security in mind. But, they also take pains to make the product attractive and practical.

With these screens, it becomes safe to sleep with a night breeze coming through open windows. The screens also help reduce solar heat gain in the summer and increase window efficiency and insulation value all year round. This security measure can be used with an alarm system or another security system to provide the most security a home can hope for. When a thief comes up to a window or door and sees the screening protecting the opening, they will go in search of an easier house to break into.

This type of product should meet all local building requirements and must be fitted and installed properly to be the most effective and convenient to use. Please go to the website for additional information.